Is your keyless car easy to steal? – Which? investigates

Car theft is soaring with the hacking of keyless cars believed to be driving the surge. But are some carmakers making it too easy for thieves? Which?’s Reya El-Salahi explores the rise in relay attacks and the flawed technology behind keyless entry systems. Follow these five steps to protect your car from theft: 1) Don’t make your car look more appealing to thieves than it already does (e.g. never leave valuables on view). 2) Cars are far more likely to be stolen at night. If you can’t park overnight in a locked garage, try and park in a well-lit area, or consider investing in CCTV. 3) If you use the remote-locking button on your key fob, make sure you check the doors are actually locked – this will ensure you beat any thieves using a remote signal blocker. 4) Keep your car keys out of sight at home and never within close proximity of your front door. If you own a keyless car, contact your manufacturer to find out how you can protect yourself. 5) Use a steering wheel lock. The best locks are approved by Secured by Design and cost around £120.