Brigade Lite, QVS Quiet Vehicle Sounder & ECU (AVAS)

Brigade Lite QVS-001-75: Quiet vehicle sounder

• Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), enabling quiet
road transport vehicles to comply with UNECE R138 and
47 CFR Part 571 and 585.
• Pitch and volume increase with vehicle speed to mimic an
internal combustion engine.
• Operational below speeds of 20MPH.
• BBS (white sound) mixed with pitch-shifted tonal sounds,
for greater pedestrian awareness of vehicle.
• Supports vehicles requiring front QVS speaker outputs
(optional rear speaker available).
• Vehicle speed obtained from tachograph B8 speed signal.

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Technical Specifications:
• Operating Voltage: +12V D.C. / +24V D.C.
• Current Consumption: ≤100mA @ +12V D.C.
• Power Consumption: ≤1.5W
• System power on time: 2.2 seconds
• Maximum SPL: 76±1dBA @ 2m
• Speaker Impedance: 8Ω
• Rated Frequency Range: 250Hz to 8kHz
• Audible Output: BBS mixed with pitch- Shifted tonal sounds
• No. of Triggers: 4, (Speed, Reverse, Park
High Park Low) Cable Thicknesses: 20 AWG
• Cable Lengths:
ECU cables: 300mm
Speaker cables: 1m
• Weights:
ECU unit: 200 grams
Speaker unit: 590 grams
• Overall Dimensions: (exc. cables)
ECU unit: 185.7mm (W) x 92.5mm (D) x 26mm (H)
Speaker unit: 120mm (W) x 119mm (D) x 132.6mm (H)
• Casing Material: ABS Plastic
• Casing Colour: Matt Black
• Mounting Location:
ECU Unit: Interior
Speaker Unit: Exterior (top hung by bracket)
• Fuse Specifications: 2A – Mini blade

Package Contents:
• 1x ECU
• 1x Speaker with Mounting Bracket
• 1x Installation Guide

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