Brigade Lite, 4 Channel MDR with 256GB SD Car, GPS, 4G, G-Sensor

FHD Mobile Digital Recorder BL-240D: 4 channel FHD SD card recorder

Control by USB mouse or IR remote control
internal 3-axis G-Sensor
GPS for location
Locakable, tamper proof front panel
Various Pre and Post recording settings
Recording modes, Continous, Alarm, Timer
4 x Trigger inputs

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Technical Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 10~36 Vdc
Max current Consumption: 2A (12V DC)
Power Consumption: 3.8-24W
TV system: PAL/NTSC
Video Input: 4 x Select connections (Male)
Audio Input: 4 x RCA
Video Output: 1 x Select Connector (Male)
Viceo Compression: H.264
Audio Compression: G726
Installation direction: Any mouting direction
Housing Material: Metal Alloy
Finish: Black
Weight: 0.86kg
Dimensions: 153mm(W) x 141mm(L) x x42mm(H)
Power-up Time: 30 seconds
Technical Specifications Continued:
Display Split: Single, Quad
Image Frame Rates: 1-25 FPS (PAL): 1 – 30 FPS (NTSC)
Image Resolution: Main: CIF, HD1, D1, 720P, 1080P
Sub: CIF, HD1, D1
Storage: Max 512GB
Mobile Standards: 2G, 3G, 4G
SIM Card: Standard size
Mobile Opreating Bands: 4G/LTE/FDD/TDD/WCDMA/GSM
Wireless Standard: Not support

Package Contents:
1 x BL-240D-256-SD (7150) – Brigade lite, 4 channel mobile digital recorder with
256GB SD Card, GPS, 4G, G-Sensor
1 x BL-20XD-PC – Power Cable
1 x BL-20XD-GPS – GPS Antenna
1 x BL-20XD-3G/4G – 3G/4G Antenna
1 x BL-20XD-RC – Remote Control
1 x BL-20XD-I/O – Alarm I/O Cable
1 x BL-20XD-Keys – Keys
1 x BL-20XD-F2F – Female to Female Cable
1 x BL-SD-256GB – 256GB SD card

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