The Thinkware F200 Pro dashcam with features such as Advanced Parking Mode with Super Night Vision and Time Lapse Technology which keeps your car protected.

Includes wifi-enabled app connectivity for easier control which is ideal for those who require a custom setup.


The F200 PRO’s built-in Wi-Fi allows it to connect to the Dash Cam Link App. This allows you to easily view, download, delete or share footage directly from your phone. Wi-Fi Enabled App connectivity for easier control.
Prevent Vehicle Battery Drain
State-of-the-art parking mode monitoring system via the G sensor. Your dash cam continuously monitors the health and status of the vehicle battery and will shut down if detects any issues.
Motion Detection
When your vehicle is parked, your dash cam will detect any motion around the vehicle. This triggers the recording, and detecting any theft attempts and vandalism.
Impact Detection
If your vehicle is impacted by another vehicle whilst parked, your camera detects and records this (10 seconds before impact) – counteracting any hit-and-run attempts.
Energy Saving Mode
Reduced power usage whilst providing longer video recording. When you are away from your vehicle for longer periods, Energy Saving Mode is recommended.
When in Energy Saving Mode, your Dash Cam will go to sleep. If an impact is detected your F200 will wake up instantly and continue recording for 20 seconds.
  • Multiple Recording Modes. Automatic switching between multiple recording modes (Parking, Continuous, incident).
  • Impact Monitoring. Active Impact Monitoring System utilises a 3-axis G Sensor to secure incident footage.
  • Front Vehicle Departure Warning. Audible alert when the vehicle in front moves away.
  • Parking Surveillance. Combination of motion and impact detection to protect the vehicle from ‘hit and runs’.
  • Thermal Self Protection. Thermal sensor triggers the self-protection mechanism to shut your dash cam down in extreme temperatures.
  • Windows/ Mac Viewer. View and download the recorded video from the PC/Mac viewer.

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Dash Cameras

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Front Camera (£129.99), Front & Rear (£199.99)